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PARIS MARAIS Property consultation and services



PARISMARAIS.COM has discovered a unique opportunity to acquire up to three flats located in an 17th century Hôtel particulier in the heart of the historical Marais area. As the capital of art and fashion, the Marais district became the first protected area in Paris. It is also the favoured district for art galleries and designer shops.



Dating from the 17th century and a stone's throw away from the vibrant rue de Bretagne, this hôtel particulier is one of the few architectural gems still available on the market that give Vieille Paris its charm. It is next to several premier contemporary art galleries and the unique Picasso Museum.



This is the perfect time to rediscover its original spirit, while retaining its more attractive alterations, and restore the hôtel particulier to its former glory. Every aspect of the facade has been closely examined by experts who respect tradition, such as the famous «Compagnons», who were involved in the erection of many Gothic cathedrals. The goal of the refurbishment of this hôtel particulier is to bring about cohesion, harmony and authenticity. It will be refurbished by specialised craftsmen using irreproachable French tradition.



Step onto the patio and leave the noise of the street behind you. Move into the elegantly paved courtyard, go back in time, take in the silence. In front of you, a door opens into an entrance hall. There you discover a «jardin à la française», a peaceful and secret garden. Welcome to the hôtel particulier, a rare haven of peace in the heart of the city, a place where beauty, tranquility, tradition and comfort go hand in hand.


PARISMARAIS offers you the chance to revel in the « art de vivre à la française » in grand style by acquiring one or more of the three remaining flats available for sale in this hôtel de particulier. It is the ideal combination of innovation in layout and comfort with an unsurpassable quality of materials.



The three apartments range from 48m2 to 103 m2, consist of 2 or 3 rooms, and will be available in 2014.

- A unique duplex with high ceilings, excellent layout, and semi- private access to the main courtyard.
- A flat in the main wing overlooking both the courtyard and the garden à la française, with a balcony.
- An uncommonly quiet "basement duplex" overlooking the jardin à la française.



PARISMARAIS offers you the good fortune to unearth exclusive and elegant pieds à terre located in a classic hôtel particulier of the Marais, to enjoy a secure environment surrounded by the vibrant art scene of Paris.



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Dreaming of having your own pied-à-terre in Paris? Or maybe you want to move to Paris definitively?

Let paraismarais property search services find your ideal Paris apartment!

ParisMarais real estate specialists offer you a full range of personalised services to help you buy your new home away from home. Purchasing real estate in France can be very difficult. The process of buying is time-consuming, and the red tape can be daunting.


For your own protection, especially regarding the state control process, which can take up to 3 months, it's best to let a professional help you. That way you'll avoid any risky situations like what happened in the USA a few years ago. Once you've gone through the long process of acquiring an apartment, it is very difficult to kick you out of your home. This is good news, particularly in a city where real estate prices have soared in the past few years. Some areas in Paris are on par with London prices.

Parismarais can connect you with the best most reliable licensed French agencies in Paris.

Our finder's fees are reasonable and well worth the time we save you.


We advise and help you to deal with agencies so you'll find the ideal property to fit your needs. We give you access to the best properties available on the marketplace, thanks to our quick response time and relationship with key real estate players. We only work with serious well-established agencies that are trustworthy.


We caution you not to trust any web site or agency operating from another country. They misrepresent themselves and are effectively cheating the French system by promoting illegal solutions like time-share, sub-letting or short let rentals that have been recently prohibited by the French City Hall.


We guide you through the purchasing or selling process. This often complicated due to the long security process and French laws that offer protection for you the buyer or seller.


We adapt our services to your specific needs. If required, we will manage the remodeling and renovation of your property, and give you personalized advice about furnishing and decoration.


Why wait? Contact us!


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